In this page you can upload your data for StayOn.
Follow the instruction below.

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Instructions for project partners

  • Select your Cluster

    Cluster 1 – Group A: Rezos Brands, ATIS, Meath, Polish Farm Advisory and Training Center, CRESAÇOR;


    Cluster 2 – Group B: BB Consulting;
    Cluster 2 – Group C: ECSF;
    Cluster 2 – Group D: Regione Siciliana

  • Select your Organization and Country
  • Fill the fields
  • Read this before filling the form

    Please, remember the form requires you to report additional and NOT aggregated data (for example: if in your previous upload you reported 34 participants in coaching and your total now is 40, in your current upload you need to report only 6). The system will take care of aggregating data for you!

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You must be logged in to submit the form.