Cluster 2


StayOn aims to have a strong impact on the project partners organizations in terms of capacity building.
Let's have a deep look into the data.

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coaches involved
in the 'train the coaches' program

Number of coaches engaged in the train-the-coaches program aimed at helping coaches refresh and gain the needed skills to coach and offer the best possible individual support to participants.

Coaches involved

train the coaches

Number of train-the-coaches sessions delivered by StayOn’s project partner BB Consulting from 2022 to 2023.

Handbook on the "Personal development training of coaches" experience

Handbook on the “Personal development training of coaches” experience based on the program that supports project partners in adapting, testing, implementing, iterating, and improving the development model benefitting participants.

number of train the
coaches hours

Number of train-the-coaches hours delivered to benefit StayOn’s coaches in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, and Portugal.

Hours left
Hours delivered

Buddy Experiments

Numbers of experiments within the StayOn buddy system, a knowledge-sharing method used to orient the project team and foster collaboration.

Buddy Experiments

Buddy Meetings

Number of meetings among the buddy pairs or triplets from 2022 to 2023.

STAY On Library

Digital repository to store StayOn’s resources.

stay on

Book containing a set of rules and suggestions that are considered valuable to facilitate teamwork.

Knowledge transfer workshops

Number of transnational meetings among the project partners to share their knowledge and discuss progress.

stay ontheory of

Methodology that comprehensively illustrates how and why the desired change is expected to happen in the particular context, where the planned interventions take place.

Theory of Change


Management tool that provides orientation on measuring, assessing, and reporting social impact on youth in rural communities.

Research documents communicating StayOn’s outputs, outcomes, and social impact achieved.

Reports to write
Reports written

academic book

Book aimed to disseminate research on project governance and stimulate discussion among professionals within transnational projects.

rural youth
european rural youth alliances

The European network of young people who live in rural areas to increase rural youth empowerment and cooperation among organizations and institutions involved in counteracting the NEET phenomenon.

Soon available

world cafès

Conversational processes for knowledge sharing about rural youth issues within StayOn conferences to trigger changes at the European political and administrative levels.


Brainstorming sessions

Number of brainstorming sessions among StayOn’s project partners to generate ideas or solve problems.

Brainstorming sessions

Tactical groups

Number of tactical groups established by StayOn’s project partners to respond to specific emerging issues.

Tactical groups


Number of bottom-up outputs that the partners created because of emerging needs during the course of the project, such as certificates, skills frameworks, vision and mission statements.

Bottom-up outputs